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Did you meet Deb Schroeder ChattyGal.com at adtech? Who is Deb Schroeder?


Deb Schroeder is someone you should meet. If for no other reason than she is fun, lively, chatty and nice and when I say nice I meet it with all the best connotations . She runs a cracking mommy blog ChattyGal.com and is going places in the blogging world. She is also the wife of Tim Schroeder super affiliate and blogger at www.emonetized.com/. Tim has prommised me he is going to blog some more.

It is great to see a husband and wife team having so much fun together at adtech and proving you can have a ball at the show with your other half.

Deb told me that she is now putting a lot of time into her blog, well when the kids have gone to bed and I am sure with the knowledge she has and a few tips from friends she is destined to be big mommy blogger even if she is only little. She also loves connecting with other blogger, if that is you then do reach out to her. We talked about the interviews she is being asked to do and making the most of interviews


If you do not know her already reach out to her on twitter at:

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