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Sex Video Celebrity Boobies and how to milk them, hot content and top links.

What am I talking about?

A few weeks ago I wrote a test post as an experiment Sex Video and Celebrity Interviews

I was trying an experiment having just come from Izeafest and had realised how some bloggers were getting all there traffic, I wanted to give it a try and see the effects.

Write a hot title involving keyterms that lots of people search for Sex Video and Celebrity Interviews and a explosive first line that will show up in Google when someone is looking at the post “Sex Video and Celebrity Interviews, hardcore action and the hottest links in town. Just one of the hot young celebrities I was able to” and then go on to write a “normal post”.

What else did I do well I stuffed it with a few other choice selected keywords.

What happened?

-That post generates about 10-20 visitors per day to that post.
-One blogger removed my blog from their blog role.
-This will not produce the quality of traffic that I want for my blog and the bounce rate on that post is high.

Why would anyone do it?

Traffic baby it is all about the traffic

Advertiser’s first question is always how much traffic you get. How many visitors do you get per month? I am not going to talk about traffic quality here but Volume is always the first question.

Keeping up with the neighbours, they say “they don’t” but everyone judges their piers by taking a little look at the numbers. No one wants to have the small blog.

Pride it may be daft but people want to write for an audience not for no one.

Once post like that per week and my traffic numbers would go up dramatically.

Sex Video Celebrity?

These are all key terms that can be used to illicit this effect.

Boobies and how to milk Boobies

What has this got to do with Boobies? “Boobies I have made” I just wanted to illustrate how you can turn anything into a high traffic post and milk the most from it.

My Reflection

I am not making any recommendations or passing any judgment I just wanted to share my thoughts and experiences. It does not have to be sex you can pick any topic with a high number of searches and do the same. Want traffic for your blog it is there for the taking….“Michael Jackson tickets and a girl’s night out”. When you see a blog do this lots you will know they are going for traffic.

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