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Social Media Monitoring Tools are amazing technologies that allow companies and individuals to monitor their brand and keywords across all of the social media networks. Listening to what kind of conversation is going on about you, your brand or your company and being able to do something about it is crucial in the digital economy. It is obvious from the successes of Mashable’s Summer of Social Good to @JetBlue that social media can have a major impact on customer relations.

We’re sure that the social media monitoring companies themselves are keeping track of their own names as well, so we are mentioning our favorites here:

Radian 6

Visible Technologies


TNS Cymfony



SM2 from Techrigy

Brands Eye

Reputation Defender

Sentiment Metrics

We’re curious to see how long it takes for them to find their name and respond to a question:

What sets your social media monitoring tool apart from the rest?

Leave an answer in the Comments- we look forward to hearing from you!

Social Media Monitoring Tools – Who’s Listening?


To learn more about your options and some of the best social media monitoring tools out there, here’s a list published at MurrayNewlands.com earlier this summer:

Top Ten Social Media Monitoring Tools and Social Media Monitoring Tools Review
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12 comments on “Social Media Monitoring Tools – Who’s Listening?

  • Hi Scott,

    Nice post and thanks for the Radian6 mention. I work for 6Consulting, we are the UK and Ireland Radian6 partner.

    To answer your question: we have many key differentiators, for example the real time nature of the system and it’s unique CRM integration.

    If you would like to discuss further please feel free to get in touch.

    Tom Messett
    Account Manager

  • Hi Scott,

    Although we weren’t mentioned, we do appreciate the opportunity to take part in such discussions (I liked Mark Goren’s recent post on this topic), especially when it involves the participation of vendors in the social media listening and monitoring space.

    RepuMetrix combines real-time machine discovery and retrieval of relevant online conversation with human review in all our tiers of service.

    I invite both you and your readers to contact us if they would like to find out more about our company and our listening tools and services.


  • Hi Scott;

    Great job and thanks for adding SM2 from Techrigy.

    You would have to check out our historical SM warehouse (going back 2 years!), our sentiment analysis, ability to create content categories, and the exporting feature! Those are just some of the things we offer with SM2.

    If you would like to see a demo of our product please let me know.


    Harley Piercy
    Sales Associate

    [email protected]

  • Ah, yes. The “let’s mention the monitoring company and see how long it takes them to respond” game. 🙂

    Trackur is here and listening. Sir, yes sir!


  • Hi, Scott.

    ImpactWatch is a little different because we are a software company that has been doing online media monitoring for 9 years. We provide any combination of print, broadcast, online and social media monitoring that an individual client needs.

    We also have very flexible reporting tools and offer full software customization, so clients can have any metrics and function that they need.

    Thanks for undertaking a comprehensive buyers guide. A lot of work, but it’s going to be so useful for companies looking for a social media monitoring service.

    Many thanks,

  • I hope you take note of Biz360 – their new Community Insights service is comprehensive, and combined with their enterprise experience, brings much more to the table. I’ve seen it in action and its very compelling, with more insight (trends, customization, reporting, alerting, etc.) than other tools I’ve seen.

    Good luck with the guide – great to see social media monitoring get more attention!



  • Fortunately, Media Monitors’ search and relevance matching systems has helped us this post!

    You’ve left us off the list, we’re leading in Australia and continue to reinvent our products with the latest capabilities. Social media is looking good!


    Denise Tung
    Product Development

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