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The Adsmarket Blog is the corporate blog for the international affiliate network, Adsmarket.com. We launched our blog in April of 2009 to represent our affiliate network’s smushy side a little, but also to show off some of the experience and talent we have here on our team. Even though we are a corporate blog, we quickly moved on from writing about who wore what to the company party…

The account managers, developers, team leaders, and management at Adsmarket work hard for our clients every day, so it’s a testament to their enthusiasm for the affiliate marketing industry that they use their spare time to write informative, interesting and insightful articles for the blog as well. (We don’t put our affiliate programs or affiliate offers on the blog, although if you want to see that, let us know).

Here is a list of some of the most popular articles from The Adsmarket Blog this year for both affiliates and online advertisers. We welcome your comments and feedback, and encourage you to share our posts!

1. With the latest rash of press about Virtual Currency, Senior Sales Representative Uzi Arbiv stands beside Farmville with pitchfork in hand. Virtual Currency: Media Type for Online Games Applications

2. Director of Product Eitan Burshtein explains a recent update to the Adsmarket platform: A New Creative in Town – Social Network TextAds

3. A collection of quality online resources for affiliates everywhere who are hungry for more: Great Affiliate Industry Reads – Tips, Experts, and Need to Knows

4. Advertiser Accounts Team Leader Yuval Ben-Harush applies the KISS rule in writing an effective landing page: What’s In Your User’s Mind?

5. For Advertisers who are ready to deepen their pockets, Director of Sales Maor Sadra encourages custom payouts for media types: Making a Pool Out of a Puddle- Advice for Online Advertisers

6. Yuval Ben-Harush digs into what Cost Per Action really means, and how to best calculate the right CPA payout: The Science of Performance, Explained

Guest post by Daneka Soudak

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