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Affiliate marketing campaign selection tools from Clickbooth.com  

Clickbooth lunch CB Power to change the way we select affiliate marketing campaigns.

So what exactly is CB Power?

CB Power is our unique, one of a kind rating technology (which we are currently pending a patent on) that is going to revolutionize the way you view and choose campaigns. No longer will guess work or a gut feeling need to come into play. CB Power takes all the legwork out of finding the best campaigns and uses a unique and very sophisticated formula (similar to those being used in the stock market) to show you which campaigns are performing the best across our network.

How does it work!?

According to Senior Developer, Chad Ladensack, “A great way to understand CB Power, is by going back to the fundamentals of physics and the formula, Power = Acceleration X Mass. CB Power analyzes how big a campaign is (Mass), times how fast it’s moving across the network (Acceleration).

Once the data and a variety of other information is calculated (using a very long and sophisticated formula), the campaign is given a power score. This power score will then give you an excellent idea of how that campaign is matching up and performing against other campaigns in our network.”

CB Power is the first technology of it’s kind in the Affiliate Marketing industry, and makes us the first CPA Network to ever be transparent about the performance of Clickbooth campaigns.


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