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Affiliate tips for bloggers.

Write reviews or purchasing tips like this affiliate tips post, people looking to purchase a product search for product reviews and that is a good time to enter the conversation about a product.

Links that are in context within a post work better than banners, we are increasingly in an age where people want to discover things not be sold them. You need a link at the top, middle and bottom of your post.

Trust sales. Build your reputation with your readers for honest reliable information and someone who makes purchasing recommendations that they can trust. You want readers to come back when they see another review or yours when they are making their next purchase.

Know your products intimately so you can give a true opinion and you know what people are looking for then they are close to making a buying decision about the product so you can optimise your content for that phase of the purchase cycle.

Chose campaigns with long cookie periods it can take a while for people to make a commission and you want to be able to make a sales to them which ever point in the purchase cycle they are in so if they are just thinking about it and reading your post and go back later to purchase your input still counts.

Let readers know it is an affiliate link you are using to direct them to the purchase. If your review is open they are much more likely to trust you I the future.

Find a affiliate network and a merchant who will work with you to supply great offers and advice.

Use Landing page templates benefit from someone else’s knowledge and expertise.

If you have any more Affiliate tips for bloggers I would love to add them here.

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