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AffiliCert Affiliate Certification what is it and how to get around it.

Yesterday I went to the MediaTrust & Offervault Fraud Prevention Luncheon

Affiliate Fraud being number one on the agenda. Mark Roth known for Offervault is creating an Affiliate Certification called AffiliCert. The mood of the room was that over the last year with the downturn I the global economy and the increase in certification of affiliate fraud the scale and money involved in affiliate fraud is increasing and something needs to be done about it.

Shai Pritz from Uniqueleads described how continue offers provided the perfect storm of a offer with a high payout, fast payout and long merchant revenue cycle that made affiliate fraud lucrative and difficult for a network to spot and stop as well as the measures that they have put in place.

MediaTrust kicked off with a great presentation saying that they have dramatically reduced the affiliate fraud on their network be requiring new affiliates on their network to provide a reference. And therein lies the challenge as a affiliate with a reputation in the industry you can get a reference and people know you for providing good traffic, as a new affiliate why should people trust your traffic?

AffiliCert Affiliate Certification program provides the answer. Offervault are taking a bold initiative where others have not taken leadership and are setting up an independent third-party affiliate screening process that networks can rely on.

Why sign up as an affiliate?
Affiliates get expedited approval to networks, exposure to more networks and training.

Find out more at www.affilicert.com

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