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Blog Inspiration tips

Finding inspiration about what to blog about can be very frustrating at times so I thought I would put together some of my tips for finding blogging inspiration.

Events are always a good source of blog inspiration. In most industries there are events whether national international or local that are coming up, sharing them with your readers can turn your blog into a valuable source of inspiration. Once you have written about the event you can write about the speakers and what is happening in the industry. Going to events will lead you to learn about lots of new topics to write about.

Interviews enable you to reach out to people your readers would like to know more about as well as being a great way for you’re to reach out to people in your niche.

Reading other blogs and finding out what is going on in your niche and what is topical at the moment and adding to the conversation is one of the most common methods for finding blog inspiration.

Comments you find on your blog and do not forget other blogs can be very inspirational. Let’s not forget very few people leave comments and good comments especially where others have also left replies to those comments show a topic is both interesting to readers and will provoke further conversation.

Reviews or other information, reports, product or services can provide both great content and revenue if you include an affiliate links.

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