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BuzzStream is a social media monitoring tool. BuzzStream tells you what people are saying about you online.

“BuzzStream is a new platform for building more effective and more human relationships online, without all the overhead and bandwidth.” www.buzzstream.com/

So I have to confess it has taken me a few weeks from doing the research and being shown around the tool to getting to write this review. Apologies to them and you the reader.

Overview BuzzStream is good at monitoring blogs and for dealing with ongoing blog outreach.
I would like to start by complementing BuzzStream for the way they have interacted with me and what I have seen of them on the internet. They themselves do blog outreach well.

The BuzzStream product.
With a price tag of $400 per month for 80,000 searches results per month it is not over pricey and within the budgets of most small to medium sized companys. They said that they want to make it easy to buy without going throught a large budget question.

What was good about BuzzStream.
It was easy to find out which bloggers were saying what about your brand.
Once on the blog you there is an automated process for collating the bloggers contact information for blogger outreach. It also it automatically finds and associates their social media profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
Their system gives a influencer rank so that you are able to target the conversations that really matter to you and the influencers which will have the biggest impact and in theory the highest ROI.
You can set your own sentiment elements to research.
There is a very light weight CRM system built in to help you manage the contact process and keep track in person and in team of who is contacting who and the conversations that are happening.

It was not 100% intuitive to use.
No automatic sentiment score
The CRM system is system not fully developed and does not as yet fully integrate with outlook for example.
The reporting was non existant. We have all come to love reports to monitor progress ourselves and to show others. They know it is a problem and say they are working on it. I hope it comes soon because it is a good product.

It does the job, it has the right price tag. If you are looking to do blog outreach as part of a team in particular then this should be a product on your on short list. They have thought not just about the monitoring but how you are going to use it to do outreach and what you will need to manage the process. BuzzStream have obviously recognised the need to provide usability but also equip the user with social media campaign implementation tools.

BuzzStream say:
A Smarter Way to Manage Your Relationships Online
How do you build credibility online? You do it with lots of hard work, cultivating quality relationships with the press, bloggers, thought leaders, webmasters, microbloggers, and other influencers. But until now, that process has been time-consuming and resource-intensive. BuzzStream is a new platform for building more effective and more human relationships online, without all the overhead and bandwidth. BuzzStream will help you:
Research Online Influencers Painlessly
Automate mundane tasks like finding and saving profile and contact information. Get an instant snapshot of metrics to help you prioritize your activities. Build an instant dossier for each influencer, and gain an information edge.
Track Communications and Engagement
Automatically track all the touch points you and your team have with contacts, be they through email, Twitter, blogs, and more, without changing the way you do your job.
Collaborate and Delegate
Team members and consultants can work together with BuzzStream, extending your outreach efforts to more influencers without losing the human touch.

PS this review is not paid and I have no commercial link with them.

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