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Inbound marketing UK in practice with an example.

What is inbound marketing ?

Inbound Marketing is marketing focused on getting found by customers.

“I advocate doing “inbound marketing” where you help yourself “get found” by people already learning about and shopping in your industry.  In order to do this, you need to set your website up like a “hub” for your industry that attracts visitors naturally through the search engines, through the blogosphere, and through the social media sites.  I believe most marketers today spend 90% of their efforts on outbound marketing and 10% on inbound marketing and I advocate that those ratios flip.” Brian Halligan the 2 diagrams below are also from hubspot.com



So what does this mean in practice. How can I do blog outreach to do this?

Let me give you a simple example of how to grow your online business locally. If you are in the UK and you search for swedish massages  you will find a post I wrote about my friend Sally.  Sally lives in about 50 miles away and gets most of her business where she lives through people finding her blog on google. Yes she is an advanced Inbound marketing specialists. She wants more work in Cambridge so she wanted to be found when people in Cambridge were searching for a massage. She had tried to optimise her blog for this but was having trouble competing. The answer was to get someone else to blog about her who could get the seo ranking. So she took a photo for my blog fan club and emailed it in to me, so I wrote about her using the relevant terms. (tip) She know I had just launched my blog fan club because she reads my blog so she worked out how to engage with me. Read blogs in your sector and watch how other people engage with them and what they are trying to achieve.  Now when someone searches for any one of  , , , , , , , , ,  (note I am not sure she really wanted to be found for , wrong type of customer) information and contact details about Sally’s services can be found via a page on my blog. She then blogged about my post and linked to it helping it rank. Inbound marketing UK – Simple, research what your customers are looking for on Google and a way to put yourself there.

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