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Local advertising online tips and advice

I have a lot of friends who have small local businesses and want to do local advertising online.

Blogging can be an effective way of local advertising online! I have interviewed several friends and optimised the title for their locality and service which provides them traffic from SERP’s listings. Links in from other local sites to the interview have ensured high SERP’s placement for some local service providers.

Local Directories and local review sites can provide an excellent SERP’s listing for local companies.  

Google enables you to do local advertising online with its pay per click platform. You can select the area your ad is shown to, so that only people searching for your company type within that locality see your advert. It only people within 10miles of a particular location will see your advert when looking for a local photographer.

Facebook enables you to target adverts locally and you only have to pay per click. Facebook traffic is often criticised for not converting as well, however it can be much cheaper than traffic from local advertising online with Google.

Facebook groups and fan pages for local company’s can be particularly successful at local advertising online friends recommending others online to connect and join a conversation.

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