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The other day I was on my way to see Visible Technologies www.visibletechnologies.com/ , review to come and I ended up sitting next to an old friend or mine Chris Lamaison from http://www.camres.co.uk/ he does market research in Cambridge for technology companies. If you ever need any Technology market research he is your man. What he does it this, if you want to know about a particular technology and what is happening in the field, to research a technology topic, to research a potential path to market, he will find and interview the experts in the field.

I told him a little about the meeting I was about to have and he was fascinated, with good reason. As I sat in the meeting with www.visibletechnologies.com/ I could not help but realize the value of such a tool to him and companies like his. Discussion in social media tends to be in and around consumer marketing but for niche technology companies and market research it can be just as valuable. Market research and social media has many applications.

Chris Lamaison is interested in microfluidics and who is saying what about it.

Look what my Market research social media turned up; this is the conversation in just the last day on Twitter about microfluidics

Realtime results for microfluidics

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