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Mobile blog readers, ignore them at your peril.

This tweet caught my eye.

“In Nov. ’09, Facebook announced that 1/4 of their monthly worldwide visits (65 million) are via mobile. #WOMMA” What!!!!

So that is there a lot of my potential readers are, on mobile phones.  maybe 1/4 of my blog readers or potential readers are on their phones and what experience am I giving them? I checked out my blog on my mobile and it looked good but was a little slow.

That is the solution, well simple http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-mobile-edition/ is the answer but you have to know you want to install it. So I did and now my blog is fast on my phone.  If you have not got it for your blog, get it now! 1/4th of your traffic can not be ignored.

Do you read blogs on your phone?

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