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The other day, I was driving around my hometown of Oklahoma City, when I passed Chisholm Trail BBQ, which has a giant hot pink pig-shaped sign on the roof. I enjoy taking pictures of off-beat things and this was made to order, no pig intended.

I pulled into the parking lot and began shooting pictures with my Nikon D60, a digital camera that tends to attract attention because unlike many digital cameras, you must shoot through the view finder. People are prone to think I know what I’m doing even if I’m still in the learning process.

While taking pictures, the owner came out and shouted, “Do you like my pig!?”

“Yes, I like it very much,” I said.

He went inside and got me a menu and then he asked if I’d like to sample one of his BBQ ribs. He completely seized the day.

Mike – that was his name – packaged up the rib for me in a little to go box, never asking who I was or why I was taking pictures of his pig. Not only did Mike seize the day, he made a future sale, and maybe, many future sales. My husband works in the tourism industry and is frequently asked to suggest places to eat. I brought the rib home and he devoured it. He said the sauce was the best he’d ever tasted.

You just never know when a hot pink pig is going to bring you brilliant, non-paid media placement. Investing in a cool sign can definitely create those priceless word-of-mouth opportunities. Mike knew how to help it along. He was Johnny-on-the-Spot with a menu and a sample.

The bottom line is, assume everyone taking interest in your business has the ability to broadcast your message to the masses.

– jen

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