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Shopzilla makes affiliates money, sign up today and work with their team to make your money.  

“Shopzilla has the lowest prices and best online shopping information. Compare prices, check store ratings and read customer reviews before you buy.” www.Shopzilla.co.uk.

Shopzilla sent me this great video for my blog to let you know more about their affiliate program.  publisher.shopzilla.co.uk/  They have a great data feed / product feed which you can easly intergrate into your site / blog which pays out on a CPC.

The also gave sent me this great pack. Thanks Shopzilla team.


The Shopzilla Publisher Program is designed for publishers interested in integrating contextually relevant sponsored shopping content onto their website. Publishers can earn money based on quality traffic driven to this sponsored shopping content.

How does it work?

1. You place Shopzilla Publisher UK Program banners or links on your website. A visitor comes to your website, sees a product they would like to compare prices on.
2. They click on one of the Shopzilla Publisher UK Program banners or links (*on your Portal report, this represents a ‘click’). This takes them to BizRate, our sister website, where they see a list of relevant products and prices.
3. Once they decide which product suits them best, they click on a link that takes them through to the website of the Merchant selling that product.
4. The Merchant pays Shopzilla for valid, CPC-monetized leads and celebrates the sale of a product from the quality traffic you, the Publisher, sent to their website.
5. Shopzilla shares the revenue generated from this quality traffic with you, the Publisher.* Now YOU celebrate!


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