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Is Sponsored Tweets selling out and should you do it?

The debate Sponsored Tweets rumbles on.

For Sponsored Tweets well obvioulsy Ted Murphy is in favour and in his new post I call #bullshite
Ted says about Sponsored Tweets
“People like my sponsored tweets
What? Yeah. People actually find value in the sponsored tweets I share. So much so that they retweet them and thank me for “for the find”. I am not going to say I haven’t lost a few followers here and there, to be honest I have no idea. What I do know is I continue to gain followers and I have never had anyone complain about one of my sponsored tweets. Not only that, I have personally found some awesome new services from SponsoredTweets.com that I now love and use including Alice.com.”

Justin Parks say about Sponsored Tweets
“Its not something I would be interested in doing on my personal account but I reckon we have to find some method of injecting finance and economics into social media and of course sponsored tweets is probably just the first means of doing this. At least its obligatory that they have a hashtag.

One positive is that business may begin to take social media as a whole more seriously but I fear for the lasting effects and how it may prove to alienate more away rather than attract them to the medium. ”

Benjamin Dobson says about Sponsored Tweets
“I, for one, will unfollow anyone who tweets ads. Because that, to me, is spam.”

Sponsored Tweets the truth

Here is the gig. There is no wrong or write way to use twitter there is your way!

You can make money selling things to friends; you can have friends who you do business with. Occasionally recommend a great product to a friend they will thank you. Recommend a lemon to a friend they will hate you. Say I have a new job selling x want one they are great they will listen if they are interested. Try and sell lots of things to friends all the time and they will think you are a hustler. It is the same online as in real life. Some selling ok, to much selling, not so good, just get the balance right. If you want to sign up why not http://http//bit.ly/2xBJWB  (this is not my affiliate link it belongs to Ted )

This is not a paid post.

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