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Sponzai Sponsored Tweets but bigger for Blog outreach

What are Sponzai if I am a PR company?
PR companies want to get bloggers to promote their clients. They are clients are worried about what bloggers may write and have heard that there is some fuss about paid posts and Google. With Sponzai enables PR companys to write posts and pay for people to put them on their websites as blog posts. The blogger does not change the text so there is no worry about what the blogger is going to write the message is communicated as the PR agency intended. All links are nofollow so Google will   not upset. Posts are 100% Mandatory In-Post Disclosure and so FTC happy.

What are Sponzai if I am a blogger?
Get paid to have someone else write content for you. Use nofollow links so Google is happy. As a blogger it you carry relevant information and ads and your content is good with the occasional advert your readers will work with you. This is not a paid post. Why am I writing it? Because you bloggers and readers should know about this and because I like @Joesales who send me this email today. Apparently you can try it out for free.

“Murray, Last month we launched Sponzai (this is not an affiliate link), a new platform that allows you to place sponsored guest posts on blogs. The feedback so far has been incredible and we would like to invite you try the new system on us. We are giving you a $100 credit to try Sponzai. No strings attached. Simply drop me a line at 1.866.514.1680×4 and we will get you rolling. Have an awesome Friday! Joe Vaughn Director of Sales IZEA – Innovations in Social Media 150 North Orange Avenue • Suite 412 Orlando, Florida 32801″

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