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Twitter for Business, how to make Twitter for Business make you money fast.

Chris Brogan has a great post about Twitter for Business and if you want a detailed how to here it is:
50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business 

Twitter for Business Positives

  1. Twitter helps one organize great, instant meetups (tweetups).
  2. Twitter works swell as an opinion poll.
  3. Twitter can help direct people’s attention to good things.
  4. Twitter at events helps people build an instant “backchannel.”
  5. Twitter breaks news faster than other sources, often (especially if the news impacts online denizens).
  6. Twitter gives businesses a glimpse at what status messaging can do for an organization. Remember presence in the 1990s?
  7. Twitter brings great minds together, and gives you daily opportunities to learn (if you look for it, and/or if you follow the right folks).
  8. Twitter gives your critics a forum, but that means you can study them.
  9. Twitter helps with business development, if your prospects are online (mine are).
  10. Twitter can augment customer service.

Twitter for Business beyond the basics.

After having listened to find out who is having what conversations, the way to move forwards fast it to find the influencers and work with them. There are two things to look for, people with a large social media foot print and people who are in conversations with other influencers. 

How to contact social media influencre to help you with twitter for business.

-A personal introductions are the best and easiest way. If they trust the person making the introduction the you are a long way there, LinkedIn could be a good start or see who you know in common on Facebook.
-Meeting in persona can be another great way to getting to know them face to face and get to know them that way. Once you know a few people you will easily get to know others.
-The thing is to find out from them what conversations they are interested in and how you can help them. If you do not know then ask.
-Create your own army, putting together your own buddy group on Twitter either formally can help you to jumpstart your conversations. See Blogging Buddy.Remember this can be people in your company using twitter for business as well as outsiders. Scott Monty Ford motors social media guy recently admitted that one of his biggest mistakes was not getting more people in his company engaged in twitter for business sooner.