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Blogging Buddy it is all about the conversation

Darren Rowse has written some great posts about the benefits of Blogging Buddys. The more I read by Darren Rowse the more impressed I am.
Let me show you inside a secret blogging alliance
10 Reasons to find a Blogging Buddy
Find a Blogging Buddy
“You can feedback on posts, prior to pressing publish.
You can have someone to vent to, who understands your situation.
You can work on projects together.
You can share link love.
You can share each others posts through social media and with other bloggers.
You can share communities.
You can help each other stay motivated as you share encouragement.
You can guest post for each other.
You can share each others talents.
You’ll have twice the blogging power at your disposal.”

Will this work, yes and if you want to reach out to me and work on that basis then please do.

For me though there is more it is about conversation. It is about shared listening and shared though development. It is about developing a shared conversation. We all have friends we sit and talk with for hours about some topics we love to share, well those are the blogging buddies I want the rest well those are things that we should be going as part of the conversation not to make the conversation. Two great examples of this are http://www.chrisheuer.com/ and http://www.chrisbrogan.com/ They are both very good at connecting, networking and engaging. They get the benefits of having blogging buddies because they connect with lots of bloggers and it happens naturally. A large part of their success with doing this is by facilitating other to connect. So I am going to make a try here. If you are looking for a Blogging Buddy on my topics or not comment below and you never know who may take you up on it.

What conversations do I want blogging buddys for:
Content is dead, conversation is king, long live conversation.
Social Media Monitoring Tools  – Listening
Bridging The Gap Between Bloggers And Advertisers
Email Marketing 

If you normally ready and do not take part not is your chance to engage, you can find a new buddy! Also, why not ask a direct question to elicit comments? (Have you got a blogging buddy and if so, how did you find them? Do you know any one I should reach out to?

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