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We are lining in a society that is obsessed with fame. Or rather the idea of fame. Think I’m crazy Google “Famous Blogger” and see which certain character comes up at the top.

The younger generation is growing up with the reality of fame right in front of their eyes with YouTube sensations, tabloids and reality stars soaking up time from Talk Soup.

It is the idea of fame that is taking a strong hold on the personal branding niche in the past year or so. Bloggers, marketers and brands looking for press are trying to one-up each other to grab the attention of their inner circle for as little as 5 minutes and as much as a day or 2.

Think about the lifespan of fame.

The Lifespan of Fame

photo by jimdeane

Movie stars and musicians can live indefinitely through their work if it is great. We will always remember the Frank Sinatra’s, the Beatles, Marlon Brando’s or Madonna’s. Newer entertainment stars may have our attention for months or maybe years, but certainly not a lifetime. These are your Soulja Boy’s, your Vanilla Ice’s or Nickelback’s.

Now turn to the Internet.

Fame is so short many times you cannot even remember where you found that awesome article or cool video because you have moved on. Hitting the home page of Digg used to mean something, now it’s just a few brief minutes or hours and some traffic that forgot your name before they bounce off your page.

Same with StumbleUpon, YouTube and now, even blog posts. I know that if my post doesn’t get attention in the first 3-4 hours of going live, it’s not going anywhere. Alternatively, if it does have life, it still only lives for 2-3 days as people go through their RSS Readers.

And here comes Twitter. If you blink you miss your 15 milliseconds of fame. Unless you are glued to the service (and the majority of people are not) you will never have a chance to reach them and your fame is quickly lost.

So how can you maximize your 15 minutes?

In today’s marketplace, if you intend to compete, grow an audience riddled with ADD and create income from your online efforts you need to be consistently great and you may have a chance.

Your audience needs to count on you for cool stuff on a consistent basis. Musicians that do not release music for years at a time are often forgotten and need to reintroduce themselves every time they release a song. If you stay consistent with music marketing tactics like that of Lil Wayne, you hit them with guest features, mixtapes, tv specials, live shows and features.

What this means to you is that you need to create a content schedule for blogging, reach out and contribute guest posts, leave comments, release free reports, shoot videos and distribute them all over the web and go speak at local, regional and national events.

Doing all of this may just keep your audience’s attention long enough to put their email address into your opt-in box, take out a credit card or pass something along to their friends.

How are you maximizing your 15 minutes of Internet Fame?

This guest post was written by Greg Rollett from Rock Star Lifestyle Design. Greg helps young entrepreneurs grow their business with his Rock Star Business Series (sign up for cool free stuff now). Say what’s up on Twitter, @g_ro.

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