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YouTube Film Contest 1

Best YouTube short film Nov 2009 chosen by Murray Newlands


This competition is open to any blogger / vlogger. You may enter as many videos as you like in the YouTube Films Contest. Prize is $100. This is the first of a number of YouTube Film Contests I plan to run. If you miss this one you can always contact me @murraynewlands

How do I enter my YouTube Film Contest entry?

Entering the YouTube Film Contest is simple:
a. Call your video and posts YouTube Film Contest
b Link the video to this post.
c. Add this image to your site with a link to this post.
Blog Competition

d. Submit your blog and video details to email mrn@(nospam)murraynewlands.com (Take out the NOSPAM) . sending me a Blog Link and 140 Character description of your blog
e. Twitter “Vote 4 me in the @murraynewlands YouTube Film #contest  http://bit.ly/4sGGX9 Plz RT”

How to win the Youtube Film Contest?
 The video I think is best is the winner and gets the $100. No purchase necessary. You can also get people to vote for you which will help me make my decision 🙂 .

What will I look at in the Youtube Film Contest?
The film should be about why you should win this contest. It should be less than 5 mins. It can be HOT, Funny, Creative or Clever you chose.  You can shoot it on your iphone, webcam or whatever. It is not about the quality of the digital image.

What do you get out of it?
1. Grow your readership: MurrayNewlands.com (1000 aprox visitors per day) will be posting about all competition participants with links and we will be tweeting links to all participants from @murraynewlands (currently at 28,000+ Followers)
2. Chance at fantastic prizes.
3. The opportunity to say you were a winner in a YouTube Film Contest.

What do I win in the YouTube Film Contest?

Entries so far:


 One of the Best so far from Diana Scharpenberg, Online Marketing Manager,
Shopzilla Europe


This YouTube Video Contest entry is scary .

Closing date: midnight on the 30th Nov 2009 PST.

Terms and Conditions
Just incase anyone contests it my word is final. 
You must have the rights to any video that you enter. By submitting a video for the contest, you are allowing murraynewlands.com  to use your video for promotional purposes.

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