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Becoming a brand ambassador is a goal for many bloggers who write product reviews. Being an ambassador entails representing the brand through blog posts, with a banner on your blog, through promotional events, at conferences and in social media. In fact brand ambassadors may be called Social Media Consultants.

Bloggers who attain the role of Brand Ambassador often receive payment for their work as well as free products, free trips, sponsorships for events and conferences and other perks. They can be featured in advertising online and off and gain celebrity status as bloggers because of this. Some even get to meet with celebrities who are affiliated with the brand.

Bloggers who maintain a good connection with their readership are already influential. Part of the work as a Brand Ambassador is done already. Relate your authority, your stats, your social media status and your sincere interest in the brand to the company when you approach them to become an Ambassador. Write blog posts for free about their products. You may not need to approach a company because you may be on their radar already. Some blogs are devoted entirely to one product or company. It is not known if this works better than having a more general blog niche.

Some companies that use Brand Ambassadors who are bloggers are Frito-Lay, Lands End, Sony, Disney among a few. Many others are realizing the outreach that blogs have and I bet they will be looking to work with bloggers in the near future.


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