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Deciding on the best affiliate program for your blog is something that you should put some thought into. This is a process that beginners and seasoned marketers need to do.

1 – Base the program on your blog’s niche. If you are a mom blogger, it doesn’t make sense to work with an affiliate for Playboy Magazine instead try parenting affiliate programs, or Amazon.com for parenting books.

2 – Know your readership. Similar to your niche, but knowing the details of your incoming traffic assists you to match the program to what your readers want and buy.

3 – Research all affiliate programs. Learn about how much you have to earn before you can be paid, if they make timely payments, if there have been complaints about them, etc.

4 – Read blogs that are devoted to affiliate marketing and join affiliate marketing forums. (Of course, this blog and the author Murray Newlands is an expert in the field.)

5 – Don’t expect to get rich quickly. Affiliate programs take time to learn and to earn money from. You also need traffic to make money from these types of programs.

6 – Learn what keywords bring traffic to your blog and where people click. This is more information to add to making your choice. If your traffic comes from keywords about fashion, then look into clothing store affiliate programs. If your clicks are going to recipes, perhaps a food related affiliate will work for your blog.

Choosing the best affiliate program for your blog can be time consuming but it will be worth it in the end. Earning money from affiliates is another way to monetize your blog and any extra money you earn is welcome.

Connie Roberts

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