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Don’t forget your blog readers and get carried away with Google rank, SEO and stats. Yes these are all important to the well-being of your blog and it’s financial status, but without engaged readers you won’t have a successful blog. If you are cranking out posts but not getting any comments or traffic to your blog, what good is your blog? It’s like writing to no one.

To help you not forget your blog readers you need to write content that will keep them coming back for more. Depending on your niche write to solve problems, provide information, share tips, keep them laughing, get them thinking, etc. If your niche is writing about social media, write up to date posts concerning the standard sites people use and introduce them to new sites. Teach about how to use social media for their benefit and inform them of changes and updates. If you review baby products, write posts about new products with your honest opinion and provide information about comparison shopping in order to save money.

Reply to comments so your readers feel valued. Use comments for new blog posts with credit given to your reader. Use the Recent Comments plugin to give a link to people who comment on your front page. Take time to link to bloggers who comment regularly in your posts.

Use SEO with your readers in mind. When writing a post consider how a reader would search for it. Use those keywords. You will be surprised how many people search using questions such as “how do I find a diaper that won’t leak”. Write your post with either the same title, “How To Find A Diaper That Doesn’t Leak” or something like, “Diapers That Don’t Leak”. SEO through a reader’s eyes!

Don’t forget your blog readers when you choose your post subjects. Maintain your authority and trust among your readers. If you are a travel blogger and your readers come to your blog to learn about unique places to visit, don’t write a paid post about shoes. You will turn your readers off very quickly. Of course, some of us need to earn money from our blogs and want to take offers like these. If you chose to, be sure to acknowledge that you are writing a sponsored post and always try to fit that post in with your niche. This helps you to not forget your blog readers and keeps them happy.


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