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My friend James’s company produce a world-class Electronic Notice Board. His company asked me to look at his site http://www.navaho.tv and help him generate more Electronic Notice Board customers.


He asked me to look at his site and the messaging they were using.  The first thing he did was to send me in this photo. Electronic-Notice-Board
My first question was had he asked his customers what they wanted to know about Electronic Notice Board?
How can you find out what people are saying about Electronic Notice Board with some simple market research?
You can “Search Twitter in real time – see what the world is doing right now.

There are also some nice social media monitoring tools you can use to get a broader reach
How about surveying customers and buyers on the phone, on email and at event ?
You can A / B serve landing pages and work out which pages give you the highest conversion ratio. 

You could apply this to affiliate marketing landing pages as easily as selling electronic notice board as a manufacture, listen to your audience, talk to them and then test some different messages.

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