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Event reviews are often coveted by bloggers who do product reviews. Being able to attend a concert,  a show or a play, or stay at a hotel for free and then writing about it is an exciting job to say the least. In fact, it’s somewhat hard to call it work. In order for the review to be written well, though the blogger needs to take into account important facts, include photos and communicate the highs and lows to your reader.

You can have a good time at the event, but it’s important to take notice of your surroundings, take notes and photos. The small details are important too. Remember what your view is like from your seats, how the people around you reacted to the show and even what type of food was served. Of course, for an event review to work, you need to have the correct information. Check your facts about the show or hotel in advance and then again when you are there. If there is a set list of songs get that so you can write about the individual songs with the correct titles. If you are writing about a hotel, learn about the various rooms available. Ask if you can see the rooms that are different from yours and include that information in your review. Learn the name of the actors and the various parts of the play or show.

Write about any ticket or hotel deals that are available and include information about how to purchase tickets and make reservations. Don’t forget to include the full address of the venue and a link to their website. If you are an affiliate for Ticketmaster or a hotel site, make use of those links. You can also link to CD’s or books about the performers.

Writing an event review that is well written may get your blog included on the company’s website as they may use your review as “press”. Your blog post may also make it to the local newspaper where the event occurred. Jennifer Leet of The Dirty Shirt blog had her review of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin in the Chicago Sun Times. Be sure to be detailed and write in your own voice when you write an event review.

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