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Take advantage of Facebook Fan Pages for your blog. Facebook has an Alexa ranking of 2 right now and over three million users. Pages on Facebook are also indexed by Google so they can help you network your blog’s reach even more.

Fan pages are different from group pages which are not indexed by Google. You can also view statistics from a fan page, use more applications, promote with ads and send invitations to events on fan pages. Your blog brand can continue through your fan page by creating a fantastic fan page yourself.

1. Title your page the same as your blog. Remember this title will be the URL so keep it as short as possible so it is easy to remember and find.

2. You must update your fan page regularly. If you chose to import your RSS reader then your links will not go to your blog. If you use the notes where you have to manually update your fan page, clicking on links will bring traffic directly to your blog. This is your choice.

3. Invite fans via Facebook. When you reach 25 fans you will have a have a Unique URL, so get those fans coming in!

4. Engage your fans by starting discussions and replying to questions and comments.

5. Put a badge to your fan page on your blog in order to gain more fans.

6. See how is visiting your fan page by checking your statistics. Learn what your demographics are and work on keywords and SEO to keep them coming back.

7. Run contests on your page. You can ask your fans to visit your blog answer specific questions, help get you more fans, share videos or photos, etc. This keeps activity on your page.

8. Reciprocate by becoming a fan of your fan’s pages.

9. Add your favorite fan pages to your page. Let people know so they can reciprocate.

10. Learn how to create a fan page like Deb from ChattyGal.com that is unique to your blog, that people remember and want to return to again and again.

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