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Holiday Product Reviews Timing Is Everything

When writing your holiday product reviews time them to post when your readers can still take advantage of them. Remember that many readers shop online so take into consideration the need for shipping time. Try to post your reviews at least two to three weeks before Christmas or the beginning of Hanakkuh so if a purchase is made from your review the gift arrives on time. When seeking sponsors for your reviews, begin about two months in advance. You can use HARO and place a query, contact advertisers or PR people in order to have your products shipped to you and have time for giveaway shipping.

Some items that work well for the holidays are toys, games, DVDs, video games, candy, food, cameras, cell phones and any unique gift items. Don’t forget about holiday decorations and cook books.

For exercise, weight loss, self-improvement books, educational items, etc. your reviews can be posted for New Years Resolutions. The month of January is perfect timing for this type of holiday product review. Consider other products that are hot for the next year. Even tech gadgets, home products and kitchen items sell well. People buy for themselves what they didn’t get as gifts in January.

Not only do you want to consider purchases when you post your holiday product reviews, you want to focus on traffic, effectiveness of your campaign and Google ranking. Timing is everything to make your reviews relevant to your readers.

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