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Inbound Marketing Speaker, I was telling a friend the other day that I people have started to invite me to give talks about inbound marketing and that I am looking forward to this. The other thing I found myself saying was that I would like more inbound marketing speaking opportunities. That reminded me about the advice I give to a lot of people, blog about what you want.  That simple? Yes.

Murray Newlands

I am a big fan of blogging about what you are looking for and writing to connect with the audience you are seeking to communicate with. That is inbound marketing. Blogs like this one rank well in search engines, by blogging about that you are looking for you enable others to find you when they are searching for whatever it is they need, in this case a “Inbound Marketing Speaker”.

Where I am next speaking?

Inbound Marketing Meetup
Date 18th December 2009
Time: 7pm
The Pitcher & Piano – Holborn
42 Kings Way
Tel: 0207 4048510

Affiliate Summit West 2010 Las Vegas
Session Title:  Monetizing Blogs for Affiliate Marketing and SEO
Date:  Sunday, January 17
Time:  1:30:00 PM
Format:  Panel

LeadsCon Las Vegas 2010
Session Title: International Lead Generation
February 23 & 24, 2010
The Mirage Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, NV
Format:  Panel


Q.  Do you speak only in the USA or worldwide?
A.  Actually I am in the UK much of the time: the USA speeches just happen to be two examples.

Q. Do you charge money to speak?
A. Depends – Will it be fun for me?  Will I be helping people?

Q. We are a small networking group – will you come to talk to us?
A.  Depends – Will it be fun for me?  Will I be helping people?

Q.  We are looking for an Inbound Marketing Speaker, how do we make contact?
Email me:   mrn @ (nospam) murraynewlands.com

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