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Product reviewers do get paid. Many bloggers do product reviews and their compensation is the product itself. No money, no gift card, no check, just the item. You can earn money doing product reviews though.

It takes time and effort on the part of the blogger to get paid for their product reviews. One thing that is needed is traffic. Companies want to get an ROI – Return On Investment – when they put out money for reviews. Remember they are not only providing products, paying shipping and possibly providing product and shipping for a giveaway, they are putting out cash too.

Another thing advertisers look for when they pay a blogger to write a product review is the blogger’s authority. Authority can mean ranking, but in this case it means engaged readers, having credibility, what others in the blogosphere are saying about you and writing honestly.

Being active on Twitter, Facebook and forums is another factor advertisers look into. They realize that you may not have much blog traffic, but your reach is wide on Social Networking sites. Using word of mouth marketing techniques will assist you in this endeavor.

Product reviewers do get paid but it takes some time of writing reviews where your compensation is only the product, where you write about products you already own, where you pay your dues first.

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