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Sites to promote your giveaways will help you get a high number of entries. It does take some time to add your giveaway posts to these sites, but if you have a form filler your time will be cut in half at least. You can use RoboForm or the FireFox add-on FormFiller for example.

Here’s my list:

  • Forums devoted to mom bloggers almost always have a group or discussion area to add your giveaway.
  • Forums that promote sweepstakes now have a place to add blog giveaways.
  • MommySnacks has a List of Giveaway Host and Linky Sites. They are separated by days of the week.
  • Blogaways will list your giveaway along with a photo and description.
  • Prizey is one of the most well-known sites for blog giveaways. You can add one of their banners for your readers to vote on your giveaway which bumps it up to the top of the list.
  • Sweeties Sweepstakes has a place to submit your giveway as well as a blog that lists sweepstakes, teaches advice on winning and provides codes for contests.
  • Mom Giveaways also allows you to submit giveaways for free.

Using sites to promote your giveaways puts your post in front of people who are interested in entering. They will come back for more if they know you run many giveaways. These backlinks can help your blog also.


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