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Synthesio Luke an interview

Luke was interested that the social media monitoring tools all have offerings / features etc and are similar but the determining element quality of service that is offers in implementation.

 www.Synthesio.com  claim Real-time multilingual online brand monitoring in 130 countries

I found this which is intresting too. Christopher Langlois of Visible Banking discusses the use of Synthesio’s brand monitoring technology in the financial sector and how companies can take advantage of social media.

7 comments on “Synthesio Luke an interview

  • Thanks so much for posting these videos, Murray. Indeed, one of our main points of differentiation is the reliability of the information provided to our clients.

    As Luc mentioned, we do not rely 100% on automation; technology is incredibly helpful and fast, but human teams need to be available to check that the data is correct, that it pertains to the clients’ requests, and that the sentiment is correctly analyzed, both within online comments/articles, and for the global tonality of each comment/article.

    Also, we were very happy to be able to interview Christophe, as he is a great example of the flexibility of the scope of online monitoring. Not only brands, but various services and organizations can monitor conversations relevant to their field or industry.

    Our team was pleased to meet up with you at the Monitoring Social Media conference 09 in London. Hope to speak with you again soon.


  • Michelle thank you for coming by my blog 🙂 Apologies to Luc if I misspelt his name. What is his full name and are there some contact details if people would like to contact him?

  • Hi again,

    No problem, in English Luc is Luke, the only thing he said was, “Well, I won’t make it to Hollywood yet” 😉

    Luc’s full name is Luc Walrafen, reachable on Twitter @lwalrafen or via e-mail at luc(.)walrafen(@)synthesio(.)fr. I know he would be happy to be contacted about social media monitoring with Synthesio. He is also in charge of Hospitality, our monitoring tool designed specifically for hotels and hospitality professionals.
    Ah yes, and phone number! +33 (1) 55 26 43 40


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