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WordPress product feed plugin for csv files to compare shopping deals.

I have been doing some digging around for some wordpress plugins to enable me to take product feeds and pop them into my blog easily. I thought I would share some I found.

Here are a some handy wordpress plugins.

“Uses an open source CMS system, to add huge amount of content to website. This can be an affiliate based website or you can create your own content and use the plugin to add it to your site. Using WordPress also allows you to configure publishing dates – Put a whole years content live in one go.” Sounds good – yes and it is.

The Import CSV Pro Plugin will…
◦Import any CSV file in the correct format – Written Posts, Datafeed posts, quotes, tips
◦Allow you to add feeds together or add them seperately
◦Import and CSV Datafeed up to 10,000 records in one go! – Save a huge amount of time
◦Advance timestamp posts so they go live in the future – Set and forget! It can be set to upload every minute! Easily!
◦Add custom fields to create unique blog posts.
◦Post into categories that don’t exist yet, the plugin will create the categories for you!
◦Post into multiple categories
◦Can automatically build in HTML code – The plugin writes the HTML as HTML! Add in Back links, images, video, you name it, it you add it to the CSV file, the Import CSV file build it.


AffiliStore 2 allows affiliates to quickly and easily build and maintain multi-page affiliate marketing price comparison websites directly from multiple merchant product datafeeds. AffiliStore 2 has been created using PHP and MySQL and has a simple installation interface.

•Build product datafeed driven affiliate marketing price comparison websites
•Easy to create your own design template
•Quick and simple installation
•Supports CSV product feeds (comma, pipe, semicolon and tab)
•Ability to refresh and change product feeds as required
•Choose custom currency £, $, €, USD, GBP etc.
•Create custom pages and news items within your AffiliStore website.
•Click here for a full feature list

An example of a shopping feed site is shopping deals, compare shopping prices site urbanstone.co.uk and their freezers section.

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