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When you write a product review on Amazon you can gain traffic to your blog. Be sure to add a link to your blog in your profile so that when readers click on your name, they will see your blog too. You can use your Twitter name, your real name or your blog name when you write a review to make your persona noticed easily. Add a photo and a caption to your profile and of course, make your profile public so everyone can see it.

Write your review as well as you would on your blog. You can even copy and paste portions of your post to Amazon. You can even do something to make your review stand out by writing something humorous. Review as many items as possible that you own or have used or read. This will make you one of the top reviewers. This is not an easy task though as there are lots and lots of reviewers. Join the forum for reviewers to learn more tips for writing reviews and getting them noticed.

To make this an easy process, once you write a review, see if the product is available on Amazon. Then log into your account and add your review immediately so you don’t forget. Since Amazon sells more than books, including food items, medical supplies, clothing, video games and  DVD’s, plus more, you should be able to find almost anything on Amzon.

Once your product review is written on Amazon, check on some other reviews for ideas of more product reviews for your blog and then check your stats to see if you are gaining traffic to your blog from Amazon.


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