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We all need to a vacation from blogging. It may be something planned like going away to a tropical island where we want to unplug. When this occurs with some planning set in place, our blog can remain active. You can vacation proof your blog with guest posts, writing posts in advance and scheduling them and then setting up Twitter to tweet your posts (which should be done any way).

In an emergency, we may have to rely on a trusted friend to guest post if we don’t have scheduled posts in place already. This is a good time to write up some posts that can be saved and used in an emergency or to write auto-schedule posts that must be written. Take stock of your blogs to see that these steps are in place now. Also, provide someone with your log-in information to your blog.

This is just one of the Social Media posts from Kikolani, who writes “best of posts” with a great deal of substance. She covers all aspects of blogging. I read her post with much interest as I often slack on my blogging when I go away or I or someone in my family gets sick.  I end up on a blogging vacation but with an empty blog.


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  • I guess you are right but sometimes when you become an addict you have to force yourself to do this i did take my birtday of and times like christmas day

  • Scheduling, asking guest blogger and allowing somebody to work for you are the most common practices of blog owners. In this way, they can maintain the regular updating of their blog.

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