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Do you poken at Affiliate summit

You saw them at ASE. You’ve read about them  in tech magazines. But do you have a poken ready for networking at ASW10? Not everyone will have a poken so remember to bring plenty of business cards as well. But you need to pick up a poken so you don’t miss out on all the high-fouring…If you don’t know what a poken is, the answer is easy. Poken is a small USB device that holds your contact information and all your social media logins. When you touch two poken together, the information is swapped and now you are connected.

As the Affiliate Manager for PokenZoo.com in ShareASale, I have a deal for affiliates that are registered to attend ASW10. If you don’t have a poken yet, all you have to do is get your links up and write a blog post about why you want a poken. Give me some unique content and I’ll send you whatever poken you wish. Plus, if you score 5 affiliate sales leading up to ASW10, I’ll give you a $25 bonus. You can use the second tier link if you want to attract more affiliates. We pay a $3 bounty plus 10% commission override. PokenZoo.com is the leading poken affiliate program with a 30 Day conversion rate of 4%, 30 Day EPC of $43.94, and a 30 Day Average Sale of $72.61. Our default commission is set at 20% but I can give bumps to anyone who meets me at Affiliate Summit and shows me their poken…Join PokenZoo.com today and send me your promotion.


Guest post by Greg Hoffman

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