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I received this Fan Mail email to today a thought I would share it, I have taken off the name. I would like to thank the person who sent it in an their dad, you know who you are.

For me as a blogger it is hart warming to get emails like this, to know you are making people happy, it gives you a sense you are doing something worthwhile. You also feel a sense of responsibility for delivering good information in a way that helps people.  Whether it is blogging or some other job what gives you that renewed sense of responsibility?

“Hi Murray,

How are you doing? I hope all is well and wish you a very happy 2010!

I wanted to let you know that I referred my dad to your blog and he absolutely loves it. He used to own a mechanical engineering company years ago, before the auto industry crashed in Michigan. Since then, my parents have tried several multi-level marketing and pyramid-type businesses with little success. It has always been my hope that they would become involved with something that with proven tactics and planning, and would result in their success.

Though it won’t be an instant resolution, I know that this industry can help them get a fresh start if done so with perseverance and continued education. I was proud to show him how a former lawyer became very successful with affiliate marketing. He is excited to say the least, but very much inspired by your work and blog. He is already a Raving Fan 🙂

Thank you for all that you do Murray and Happy New Year!”

If you like what someone is doing or would like to see them do more what could you do to encourage them?  Can you support them or help  them? Or just let them konw and send them some Fan Mail?

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