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Jodi Grundig Moms Favorite Stuff Blogger An Interview
Jodi Grundig
Jodi Grundig is known for being one of the members of the Walt Disney Mom’s Panel but she should also be known for her interest in helping people learn about saving money. After all she has an MBA specializing in finance. She also writes about travel, technology and social media as well as product reviews.
Tell me about your blog:

My review blog, Moms Favorite Stuff,  features reviews for moms, babies, and children.  It launched in 2007, and since then, we’ve featured hundreds of reviews about loads of products, from pregnancy products and baby items, to mom products and stuff for dads.  We review everything from the perspective of a mom, and feature products of all price ranges.  I also write a personal blog, Multitasking Mommy, where I write all about my life – including my pathetic attempts at running, and my adventures on the WDW Moms Panel.
What was your first blog?

I started out doing product reviews on Mom’s Favorite Stuff.  Eventually, there was so much I wanted to write about that didn’t fall under the category of reviews that I branched out into the personal blog.  Just recently, I launched a third blog, The Full Piggy, filled with lots of family finance advice and inspiration.
What is the biggest tip you would give to product reviewers?

I think all product reviewers should stay true to themselves, and be selective with what you review.  Not every opportunity is appropriate for every blog, and saying no is absolutely okay.
Are you contacted by advertisers or do you contact them or both?
In about 95% of cases, I’m contacted directly by advertisers.  There are some cases when I contact a PR department because I’d like to review a specific product.  For instance, I saw the Zuca suitcase that a fellow blogger had reviewed, and I really thought it would be a great thing to review, so I contacted the company directly.  Of course, if I buy a product that I love to use, I also write reviews on those.
What is your favorite product that you have reviewed?

That Zuca suitcase is amazing, and it’s definitely one of my favorite review items.  I also really love the Imprint on My Heart necklace I reviewed back in 2007 – it too is one of my favorite items. I love when I find things that are unique and wonderful.
What do advertisers do that you wish they wouldn’t/ do that you like?

I hate receiving pitches addressed to Ms. or Mommy Blogger.  That just tells me that it’s a bulk email and the advertiser really doesn’t know anything about me or my blog.
What advertiser would you like to work with given a chance?

I would absolutely love to work with Apple.  After being so loyal to Microsoft (I even interned there!) I am now obsessed with all things Apple, including the MacBook, TimeCapsule, and iPhone.  I’d love to work with them, helping others learn how easy computing can be with an Apple!
Where do you see growth in the blogging field?

Everywhere!  I especially think vlogging is going to be a big deal as this year progresses.  While it isn’t as search friendly as blogging, vlogging provides a way for readers and advertisers to see your real personality.
What is one thing about you that not many people know?

Most people either know my serious side or my fun side, but few know both.  When I first get to know someone, I’m generally quiet and shy as I get more comfortable, but then once I do – watch out!!
What’s your favorite book?

My favorite fiction book(s) would have to be Emily Giffin’s Something Borrowed/Something Blue, because those are two books that I literally lost myself in.  Nonfiction would be one of my Disney books, or personal finance books.  I can’t get enough!
What is on your iPod?

Everything!  I have some kid music, like the High School Musical & Phineas & Ferb soundtracks, for my son and daughter.  I also have quite the running mix, made up upbeat songs by the Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, etc.  Lately, I’ve been downloading the songs from Glee.
What are your contact details?

Almost everything is with my full name – Jodi Grundig.  You can find me at Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter under JodiGrundig.  I write under my LLC The Real Moms, and have a professional Web site jodigrundig.com
What events do you attend?

This year, I’m planning to attend Blissdom, the Mom 2.0 Summit, and BlogHer.  I’d also love to attend SxSW and EVO but that will depend on sponsorship.
How do you prefer to communicate?

I’m happy to communicate any way!  Email is often easier, however, because I have little ones at home.
Who would you recommend, and why?

Here are some moms I’ve met in person, and find them totally real, genuine, and helpful – I’m sure I’m missing some people.
Whitney Wingerd – Mommieswithstyle.com
Mindi Cherry – MomsNeedtoKnow.com
Marie LeBaron – Makesandtakes.com
Isabel Kallman – Alphamom.com
Ciaran Blumenfeld – Popshopology.com
Christine Koh at BostonMamas.com
Linsey Knerl – www.lillepunkin.com

Lucretia Pruitt – www.geekmommy.net

Katja Presnal – www.skimbacolifestyle.com

What is one thing people can do for you?

Check out my blogs, and give me feedback on what I can improve.  After a few years doing this, it’s hard to be objective!

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