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Mom bloggers paid blogging opportunities can be found on Profitable Mommy Blogging. There are sections for job opportunities and a contact form for a “Mom Blog Buzz List”.  This blog is also a podcast hosted by Kelly McCausey.

Paid blogging opportunities for mom bloggers are located in the Blogging Job Leads section. This is where opportunities from the blog authors or other sources are listed. The contact form provides a way for you to be emailed about these opportunities. You can also sign up to be a guest blogger and to be interviewed on their podcast.

The blog authors are Kelly, April Jones, Gina Badalaty, Mary Lutz, Alaina Frederick, Chris Perry and Mary Strong.  This is a valuable resource for beginning bloggers and those who have been blogging for a while, for those who want to learn how to earn money from their blogs to those who want to earn more. Profitable Mommy Blogging teaches about affiliate marketing, running giveaways, social media, vlogging, networking and more.

Kelly McCausey also runs an affiliate of her own, Mom’s Talk Network which is another paid blogging opportunity.


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