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All you need to know about Social Media Monitoring brought to you by the best in the world
Nathan Gilliatt, Katy Howell, Luke Brynley-Jones, Marshall Sponder.
Monitoring Social Media Bootcamp is a one-day training event offering a master-class in social media monitoring. An essential event for anyone seeking to monitor their brand or online reputation, measure the results of social media marketing campaigns, or simply engage with customers in real-time, MSM Bootcamp is the ultimate “how to” social media monitoring training event.
MSM Bootcamp will cover these topics:
  • Getting Started with Social Media Monitoring
  • How to Choose The Right Social Media Monitoring Tool
  • How to Build Your Own Social Media Monitoring Service
  • How to Monitor Sentiment and Benefit from The Insight this Provides
  • How to Identify influencers and Build Valuable Relationships with them
  • How to Monitor and Engage with Customers in Real-time
  • How to Measure the Success of your Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Who’s coming?
    PR and Marketing Managers
    -Customer Services Managers
    -Product Managers
    -Community Managers
    -SME Owners & Directors
    -Researchers & Academics

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