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Sammy Nams Marketing Manager UPrinting An Interview

Sammy Nams works Social Media to promote UPrinting and bloggers alike. His belief in the company he works for is apparent not just in this interview but in his enthusiasm, his writing and his outreach.


Tell me about UPrinting.

I’m not sure where to start. UPrinting is an amazing company. When I first started working for them, I was blown away by their commitment to their employees, clients and community. They provide step-by-step phone support for clients who order online. I can totally see my dad, who is a bit computer illiterate, loving our friendly customer service reps. The people in production and purchasing are constantly looking for better quality paper (recycled only) and machinery to deliver a superior product at an affordable cost. They take such pride in our product that they don’t ever stop looking for improvements. All the people working here are like family and work together with a sense of camaraderie that I haven’t ever experienced in a workplace. Last but not least, our CEO makes it a point to sponsor every non-profit and charity we can contact with free printing. I know it may seem that I’m just rambling off some marketing mumbo jumbo, but I’m quite sincere in my admiration.

What is your role in the company?

I’m the Marketing Manager at UPrinting in charge of Search and Social Media.

How did you get involved in this field/this company?

I got involved in search and social media as an internet addicted teenager building websites. Since Windows 3.1, 14.4k Modems and AOL, I’ve been the computer whiz kid with a hunger to learn. I majored in Business Administration in college and had a few popular websites/blogs. I did some e-commerce sites and consulting for a while before I was picked up by UPrinting.

Where do you see growth in Social Media for companies like yours/or for your company specifically?

Social Media is a tricky area for Marketers. We have a hard time measuring ROI (return on investment), so it is difficult to get a large campaign budget approved. Currently, we are dabbling in a lot of different areas trying to figure out an effective strategy. The future is bright, but I can’t tell exactly where it will lead as of yet.

How did you begin to work with bloggers?

I used to make websites, but I wasn’t a marketer until I started blogging. As an avid blogger, I know exactly what the community needs. Support. Not just a few power bloggers, but a rich community of voices.

What do bloggers do that you wish you wouldn’t do/do that you like?

I wish they wouldn’t quit. We sponsor bloggers to give them support. It isn’t an easy thing to login and write fresh and original content on a regular basis. When one blogger quits, we lose a valuable voice. I don’t like to see that happen.

What is the reason that you opened the UPrinting Ning forum?

We were short on staff and our program was growing fast. When we don’t have the man power to accomplish our goal, we like to leverage technology. Just like it would be impossible to keep in touch with so many friends without Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, it became impossible for us to keep in touch with all of our bloggers.

What does your company do to help the community?

We take the same even-handed approach towards community support. Any non-profit with a 501c3 status can come to UPrinting and get a sponsorship. As a printing company, we know printing. Non-profits understand their communities and can use our resources more effectively than we ever could. U-Community is our non-profit sponsorship program and something very close to our hearts.

Where do you see the future of UPrinting?

If I say it out loud, it may not come true. =)

What events do you attend?

Do you mean professional events? I was at PubCon last  year. This year I hope to go to SES, E-tail and BlogHer 2010. However, my attendance to any events is quite tentative at the moment.

Who do you recommend and why? (go for 10 people/bloggers/companies) Please provide links if possible

www.Kiva.org – Amazing non-profit that facilitates micro-lending in developing countries. I hope everyone can take a few minutes to check out this amazing website.

www.zappos.com – I really love their company model and Tony Hsieh’s direction. When we talk about customer service policies, I’m always pointing figures at  Zappos’ success. If you haven’t shopped with them, you should try it out.

www.ted.com – Ideas worth spreading… Indeed. This website has some amazing presentations that changed the way I think.

www.mashable.com – For everything social media, mashable is there. I’m always intrigued by their amazing quality content.

www.icanhascheezburger.com – LOLcats! If I’m ever feeling blue, this is the place I go. This is good family-friendly fun! Cats are cute and hilarious.

A little about you… what is your favorite book?

No idea. I love books, but not one in particular.

What type of music is on your iPod?

I love early 90s alternative, hip-hop and R’n’B.

What is something that people don’t know about you?

I love to cook delicious traditional Korean dishes and then eat them all alone like a pig. =P

What are your contact details?

Blog: http://blog.uprinting.com
Blog Sponsorship Application: http://www.uprinting.com/blog-sponsor-program/
Twitter: @uprinting
Twitter for Sammy – @SammyNams
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/UPrinting
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/companies/uprinting.com
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/UPrinting
Kiva: http://www.kiva.org/lender/uprinting

What is something that people can do for you and for UPrinting?

Spread the word! If someone needs printing, tell them to come check us out. Order a free sample kit to see our printing or place a Free Proof Request where they can experience our customer service without even paying a cent or providing a credit card.

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