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UK Inbound Marketing Meetup a Great Success

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Thursdays first UK inbound marketing meetup group meeting in London started off with a bag. Thank you to everyone for coming along and helping to make it a great night. Look out for more events over the coming months.  

What did you miss?

Thanks to Luke Brynley-Jones http://oursocialtimes.com/ for giving a great introduction to what inbound marketing it.

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Silicon Cloud http://www.siliconcloud.com/ our sponsor for the night certainly opened my eyes as to what Hubspot can provide, their solutions would seem to be the answer to many marketers challenges by providing a comprehensive platform which enables everyone from novice up to implement inbound marketing techniques.  

Dan Mason gave an impassioned talk about journalism in 2010, and why journalists must change or die.

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 I am not sure where the massage girls came from but they made it fun.

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Sign up to the group now and we will keep you up to date with all the events. http://www.meetup.com/InboundMarketing/

4 comments on “UK Inbound Marketing Meetup a Great Success

  • Hi Murray,
    I came across your site yesterday as I also have an interest in inbound, affiliate and other types of marketing and sales strategies. I’ve played around with HubSpot and like the idea of the workflow and the integration of SEO analysis/advice and tracking but as with everything there are pros and cons. I’m quite passionate about this whole area being a sales person, marketing person, techie and business owner so I’m in the process of writing a change white paper called the Triangle Of Change which describes what’s happening to the sales and marketing process for many businesses and puts forward a lot of ideas and I would really like your feedback. Let me know if you have the time and I will send you a copy.
    Thanks and happy blogging, Nic

  • Hi Murray,

    it has been a great evening, exchanging best practises is always fun. Time just flew by that night and went home with a great bunch of new ideas. Looking forward to the next Inbound Marketing Meetup.
    Thanks again for organizing the event.

  • Hi Murray,

    Would like to echo Diana and say thanks for a wonderful evening. Had a lot of fun and was great to hear real-life Inbound Marketing experiences from Dan and the others!

    See you in February…

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