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WordPress is a great platform for running websites of all sorts – it is powerful, easy to use and loaded with all the search engine optimization benefits* you could possibly ask for. Where WordPress lacks, is in the user-contribution side. This is where a new plugin for WordPress, MyReviewPlugin shines.

 MyReviewPlugin introduces user ratings (turning comments in to reviews), editor’s ratings, comparison tables and dozens of other features to your favorite content mangement platform. You can re-order the posts from the traditional “chronological” blog-style to be sorted by the number of ratings, the average ratings, or a Bayes weighted rating (which prevents users from ‘gaming’ the system). You can embed “custom data” in to any post or page, to show specs about the product being reviewed such as price, weight or size. If you’re running a local business review, you can easily embed Google Maps in to your posts to show the location of each business, etc., etc., etc. These features come together to allow you to build excellent WordPress-powered review sites. And where does a user go right before he purchases a product? He goes and checks out reviews online – to see what other people think, to find the best product for his needs.

If you are that review site, you can collect affiliate commissions, referrals and otherwise influence the consumer’s decision to purchase: this is powerful! Where MyReviewPlugin really shows its power is in its integration. With MyReviewPlugin’s “automatic embed” features you can integrate it with any theme: not just stick in star ratings and comment boxes, but completely integrate: colors, paddings, locations, everything is there, everything is configurable. Without writing a line of code, you can have MyReviewPlugin compatible and looking great with every available WordPress theme. But that is all WordPress is – a platform for building websites, adding the content is up to you. MyReviewPlugin, however, introduces a whole range of automation techniques to WordPress – from automated creation of posts from any database (“Import Man”) to the creation of user reviews based on sophisticated templates and name lists (“Comment Man”). Automation is there. If you’ve been in the search engine optimization game for long, you know the value of automation, you know the value of being able to build dozens of large websites fast and you know the value of WordPress. These all come together to give you the leg up on your competition in the SERPs that you need.

If you’re interested more in the general features of MyReviewPlugin, you can check out the features page, the Import Man page or the Comment Man page. Last minute details: MyReviewPlugin comes with a 45-day money back guarantee, lifetime updates and completely unencrypted source code. * One thing about SEO. MyReviewPlugin adds what the webmaster community is calling “microformats” to the WordPress generated HTML. This allows Google and other search engines to “understand” that you are a review site, and allow you to receive benefits like star ratings right in your search results. guest post by Mark, MyReviewPlugin.com

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