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Audience Conference 2010 why you should go?

Last years Audience Conference was great you can watch the reaction to last years here below and more here Audience Conference. This year I here that Shawn and Missy are going to be helping out make Audience Conference 2010 even bigger and even better. So keep a an eye out for news and grab a ticket when you can.

“The theme for this next Audience Conference is comedy, and more details will be coming soon. It is tentatively scheduled for August 14, 2010 in NYC – the day before Affiliate Summit East 2010.”

Find out more at http://www.1938media.com/the-audience-conference-2/.


Vincent Ferrari said about Audience Conference

“he (Loren Feldman) and Anton Mannering put on a conference that should be the model for conferences in the future. …. Let really brilliant people speak about what they know about. Instead of a harried crazy frantic networking day, kick back and enjoy it. Mellow out. Take it all in.”

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