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Brand Evangelist

I was recently approached to be a brand evangelist for a specific brand because of my blog.

Why was I chosen as a brand evangelist?
My reputation
They know I am interested in the topic area
My blog is on topic
I have blogged about the company
I have blogged about the topic area of their new projects
I have a substantive social media
I am a connector in that they know I love to share my knowledge and if something is good I will tell people on a one to one basis
I am approachable for companies if you read my blog you will know I do blog about company and people in them.
If I do not like something I do not talk about it and I do not write negative things (general).  I am not likely to get the brand in trouble.

So this got me thinking, who are your brand evangelists and how do you motivate and facilitate them in their promotion of you.  This could be an abstract through to you but wait are those who re tweet your content not your brand evangelist, those who share your content on Facebook.

Are you looking for brand evangelists do you need some help in fiding them?

Have you had experiances that you would like to share with working with brand evangelists?

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