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Business 2 Blogger – Connecting In A New Way

Holly Homer (TexasHolly), Shauna Callaghan and Jay from HalftimeLessons.com have recently founded Business 2 Blogger. They connect business with bloggers for free and offer their services to bloggers who may not be the “hot bloggers” at the moment. They are trying to “level the playing field” to allow opportunities for bloggers who are passionate about a product and follow through on what is being asked of them.

Business 2 Blogger

If you’re a blogger and sign up for them, accept an offer and follow the rules,  you’re likely get more offers. If you don’t follow through, sorry, see you next time around.  Their reach to companies is also free. They provide help along the way on how to promote to bloggers. Business 2 Bloggers is the go between. No emails are exchanged between businesses and bloggers, so there’s no concerns about spam.

There are specific Terms of Service for both bloggers and businesses to follow. The rules are straightforward and simple to follow. They include the FTC disclosure policy for all bloggers to use on all campaigns and even provide a video and some examples of how to write a disclosure policy. Although this is a business, there’s fun involved too. Read through What’s All This About, for example, and you’ll find humor and sarcasm to lighten things up a bit.

As I’ve written before, connecting with advertisers is one of the most important things that a blogger who wants to write product reviews must do. I see Business 2 Blogger as a new way to connect. I’m hoping that it will be successful and be around for a long time. For that to happen, more bloggers and businesses need to get involved and spread the word. Do that on your own blog by writing a post like this. You can also let businesses that have never worked with bloggers before, small businesses, and those that regularly use bloggers to review their products or to write about their services to get involved with Business 2 Blogger.  The personal touch that is provided can make a huge difference on how the relationship between these two entities can grow.


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