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What tools do you use to monitor your facebook stats and twitter stat ?

I recently read the below about facebook stats on Mashable.


“According to Deloitte data, 2009 was the year that social media bloomed for Baby Boomers, with nearly 47% of them actively maintaining a profile on the social web, which is up 15% from 2008. Further driving home that 2009 was the year of the social BB is the fact that from 2007 to 2008 there was barely a measurable change — just 1% — in that demographic’s adoption of social media.”

Facebook is the conversation medium for the whole of society not just kids. What this means for marketers is that we will be asked to carry out tactical marketing campaigns to target the Facebook community for all kinds of campaings either on an affiliate basis or for direct marketing campaings for clients. Facebook Marketing Statistics can be difficult to monitor with Facebook only providing access to its platform to a limited number of partners. There a number of ways of monitoring conversations on Facebook. The obviously one is manual but that can be a bit tedious. The other methods of getting your Facebook stats and twitter stat is to use URL monitoring tools to track click referral sources. Offerings like Hootsuite or SocialTwist. I use Brandwatch for Twitter stats but most tools will not monitor Facebook.

This blog has days with over a 1000 visitors coming from Twitter. But still tracking who are the key influencers within that conversation can be challenging. Optimising your content for different media can make a huge difference to your take-up and success. What do you use?

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  • Rising Searches for “Twitter Affiliate Marketing” are at 450% and have been for over two weeks. Throw a excellent “Twitter Tool” on your home page.

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