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 Hootsuite Review

What is Hootsuite? 

Hootsuite is well like TweetDeck only web based and with much more funcuality, lots more.

Hootsuite Review – Hootsuite Twitter Features

What do they say they do?
-Multiple Accounts Save your time and save your sanity. Continue managing all of your Twitter profiles through one client: HootSuite!
-Team Workflow Have a company or organization with more than one contributor? HootSuite is still making it easy to manage multiple users over various Twitter accounts.
-Track Statistics – Impress your friends, your boss or just yourself with our improved visualizations link statistics. Graphs show not only a summary but also individual tweet statistics!
-Multi-Column View – Never miss a tweet with HootSuite’s multiple columns feature. Organize your Twitter stream into friends, news, search terms, keyword tracking – whatever you like! Our drag and drop feature allows you to easily move individuals into group columns.
And more http://hootsuite.com/about

But we would expect all of that, what is good is that you can connect to Ping.fm and connect Facebook, WordPress, MySpace, LinkedIn and more.

There is also an iphone app which Arron Hirst gave 3 stars

Hootsuite ReviewWhy chose Hootsuite for Twitter?

Well I like TweetDeck mainly because it is a desktop application. I like being able to see my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn information in one login. To be honest the features still might not be enough to make me move from TweetDeck.

The reason I might use and recommend  Hootsuite would be for marketing campaigns. The ability to work as part of a group and schedule status updates across media with real-time monitoring will make it a must for direct marketers.  Now how do I hook it up to Awebber?  Ah I take the RSS feed and plug that in. Now I just need to be able to manage me users across these platforms more easily.

Wishes? I which it had a TweetDeck style desktop app.

How would you Hootsuite Review?

5 comments on “Hootsuite Review

  • HootSuite also forces users to use its ow.ly URL shortener, which wraps every page inside their own framing so that the users clicking the links don’t see the true URL. Until HootSuite removes this “feature,” I actively encourage folks to avoid their product.

  • Thanks for the thorough review Murray. A couple comments to add to the mix:

    1) HootSuite is available in 3 flavors of desktop apps – Fluid, Chrome and Prism http://hootsuite.com/apps + a few other platforms/versions coming soon

    2) As Aaron points out, Ow.ly links are presented with an iframe which is easily turned permanently off with a simple click in the top right corner. Funny thing is, most people like/don’t mind the ow.ly bar – but the people who are opposed to it, are *really* opposed to it (hint: there is also a greasemonkey script to turn it off).

    Thanks again for sharing your insight with your audience.

  • I think Hootsuite is a good application but my gripes are first off the ow.ly bar at the top when people click on your link. Maybe it’s just me but I find it distracting. The other is when you use the Firefox application to tweet any page in click, you always get the word Mozilla Firefox in there which you have to remove manually.

  • I’ve got a couple of twitter accounts that I mange via Hootsuite. I must be honest and say that it has it’s shortcomings, as I’d really like to be able to handle followers direct from hootsuite instead of having to log into each individuaal account directly through the twitter interface. Apart from that I really enjoy what Hootsuite offers me.

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