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AdTaily Review

The simplicity of online advertising. 

The basic promise of the new wave in online advertising – making it accessible to all kinds of businesses (even your mom-and-pops digital venture) – got lost somewhere in the innovation frenzy. What we ended up with is a dictionary of new terms like CPC, CPM, capping or – the most dreaded – ‘low quality score’. We got ‘self-service’ systems that require you to hire an agency just to make them work. Then another one to make it profitable. And at the end of the day – the one with the deepest pocket will win. Back to square one.

 A new player aims to change it – AdTaily – with a goal of enabling anyone to be the advertiser and help all publishers convert their readers into advertisers. To make that possible, they took inspiration from products like Apple’s iPod and simplified the offering to the extreme. This is what came out:

– only display – you choose the place where your ad will show, and it will be a graphical image – thanks to that, once you pay for it – it will always, well, be displayed – no problems with targeting, no looking for your ad across the web – it’s just where you placed it

– only 125×125 – with a single format the advertisers can very efficiently use all of the AdTaily Publishers inventory – without worrying about availability of particular format on a particular blog or website

– pay-per-day – does your neighbour understand CPA or CPM? Everyone understands days – they’re easy to budget and control

All that wrapped up in a very nifty tool – a widget that any publisher or blogger can install on his website within 2 minutes. The whole purchase process happens without leaving the publishers page – which makes the relationship between the advertiser and website owner even stronger.

Does it work? 9000 publishers, 500mln monthly pageviews, 2000 returning advertisers – in 9 months. Campaigns from brands like Canon, Ford, HBO, MasterCard and Microsoft were delivered with AdTaily. But what is most important for AdTaily team – “We have advertisers that are small local e-commerce sites or small businesses with no web-experience. And they’re returning week after week – which means that AdTaily really works for them. That’s what we always wanted – to enable anyone to be the advertiser.”

One important feature is probably worth mentioning – all of the revenue generated with AdTaily Widget belongs to the publisher. AdTaily will even cover the cost of payment processing (currently done with PayPal or credit cards). How will they make money? “Only when we have a new advertiser, that wants to target particular blog, we take commission. In other words – we only earn money when we bring new revenue for publishers…” says Marcin Grodzicki, London based Business Development Manager for AdTaily.

If you’d like to be in the first group of publishers or advertisers that will use AdTaily – early access registration is now available at http://AdTaily.eu .

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