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Alltop For Mom Bloggers

Alltop.com has a separate page for mom blogs. Having your blog included on this site can drive more traffic to you. Alltop, which is owned by Guy Kawasaki, is known for its ever changing content because it pulls feeds from news websites and blogs from all over the internet. It’s also the place to find new content and new blogs. The great thing about Alltop is that the categories you are interested in are easy to find, for example mom or mommy blogs are categorized as moms.

How do you get your blog listed on Alltop? You can use the submission form, contact Guy or Neenz on Twitter. If you are going the Twitter route, don’t be pushy or retweet your message. You can write about Alltop on your blog and add a widget to get noticed which may help your blog get pushed up on the mom blog page.

Most blogs have a listing of the most recent five posts on Alltop, but because there are so many mom blogs listed, only 3 feeds are included. The real estate on the moms page is precious so mom bloggers may go out of their way to get their blog moved up. As it’s stated on the About page,

If you’ve gotten the impression that Alltop is not based on computer algorithms or popular voting, you’d be right. We are highly subjective and judgmental.

Once your mom blog is listed, be respectful and write a post about it. Also add one of the badges to your blog and display it proudly, all the time. Guy Kawaski’s latest site is Holy Kaw! It’s possible to have a summary of one of your blog posts written on there and tweeted by Guy. Imagine the traffic that would bring you.

Continue to write great content and your blog may be included or moved up on Alltop for mom blogs.


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4 comments on “Alltop For Mom Blogs

  • I am in Alltop’s “Moms” section but should probably also see if I can get in to the Christianity section. It never occurred to me to be listed in more than one area so thanks, Cindi!!! 🙂

    Great article on Alltop – I have been listed since this past December but did not realize that writing a post about Alltop would move me up higher on the list. Thank you for the info!

    Lastly, thank you so very much for wishing my beloved Meemo a happy 84th birthday. All of the comments from around the world touched her deeply.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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